We created DuetteNYC because we wanted more.

We are WOMEN of all ages and lifestyles.

We wear many, many hats -

as professionals, mothers, coworkers, life partners, neighbors, artists, (the list goes on and on)


We created DuetteNYC to empower and uplift women, including ourselves. And, we wanted more.

More from the clothing brands with whom we've spent so much of our hard-earned money over the years.

More awareness, attention, and action from these companies to be more sustainable.

More community and connections with women who also want more.

Not more stuff. More from the few companies with the few items we choose more consciously.

We wanted more, so we started Duette NYC to provide more. See how it all started in our story below.

Diane - Co-Founder, Head of Research and Design

The original idea for Duette NYC came from my need for pants! I wanted pants that fit my lifestyle and my changing body. All of the pants in my closet, that at one time treated me like a great friend, had become my arch enemy. I was in denial that my body had changed but the demands of my busy life as a mother, wife and professional woman had not. Adding to my frustration, even when I found the perfect pair of leggings or a beautiful fitting crew neck or jacket, I wouldn’t be able to find them again (a typical experience in today’s world of fast fashion). Searching for flattering, classic, go-to comfortable pants and tops was time consuming and exhausting - so I decided to make my life, and others', a little easier, stress free and happier.

At the same time, I kept hearing so many women felt disconnected and overwhelmed while our beautiful planet was getting to the point of no return.

I was overwhelmed. I needed something different.

I reached out to my best friends, and together we began to research fibers, weave fabrics, create samples, and test on all of our friends and family. DuetteNYC was born!

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