Our R.O.W Factor

In a world of increasing consciousness, we continue to work toward an ever increasing sustainable strategy. We've created a system of dressing that aligns with this strategy and has, what we call, a high Return on Wear factor or R.O.W

What is the Return on Wear? 

By wearing versatile, easy basic garments that can be worn daily, over and over again, and with anything in your closet, you are getting a higher R.O.W factor from your clothing purchase. 

We created our 12 Easy Pieces collection to make everyday dressing effortless and stress free.  Our goal was to get dressed in 5 or 10 minutes, look great and feel great.  So, if you think about the number of times you wear our pants, tops and jackets, everyday, as a chic daily uniform, and divide that by our affordable prices, the cost per number of wears is often pennies!  That's hard to say about many things in our closets, but we like the sound of it and hope you will too.  



  • Times per week wear a garment versus its cost 
  • How long the garment lasts - months/years 
  • Wash and wear